Temporary in-app databases are not ideal for web applications. Any unfortunate event such as an abrupt shutdown or restarting of the application will lead to the total loss of stored data.

This is the third post in our series on how to develop a fastAPI application with Okteto. In the previous posts, you learned how to deploy applications directly from your console using Okteto Stacks and how to deploy it directly from Okteto’s UI.

In this tutorial, you will be adding a database to store better your application data, and then you will deploy the updated version to your Okteto…

Fast deployment of applications is an attribute Okteto boasts of. The deployment of applications from the Okteto dashboard is easy and fast as it requires one click on the deploy button without having to deal with the complexities of CLIs, manifests, etc. Applications deployed in Okteto are automatically secured using HTTPS and can be tested, shared, and used by the public.

In the previous blog post, you learned how to build a FastAPI CRUD application and deployed it to Okteto using the Okteto CLI tool. …

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to develop a CRUD API with FastAPI and deploy the application to Okteto Cloud.

You’ll start by building the code of the application, then we’ll define the application with Okteto Stacks, and finally, you will deploy it to Okteto Cloud.

What is FastAPI

FastAPI is a modern Python web framework designed for building fast and efficient backend applications. It comes with built-in support for data validation, authentication, and interactive API documentation powered by OpenAPI and Swagger.

What is Okteto?

Okteto is a developer platform used to accelerate the development workflow of cloud-native applications. …

Preview environments serve an important role when performing code reviews for an incoming change or addition to an application’s codebase. It is a fantastic way for technical and non-technical members of your team to assess and give feedback on the changes made to your application.

In previous posts of our series on FastAPI, you have learned how to build a FastAPI application, deploy the application to Okteto and add a database to it using Okteto stacks. In this article, you will learn how to automatically create a preview environment for your pull requests, using Github Actions and Okteto.

What Are Github Actions

GitHub Actions

Another achievement at 16 — getting a call from Google

Even the toughest objects can be broken when they are subjected to excess pressure.

A is tired of life, depressed, confused and ultimately blanked. He feels he isn’t acknowledged enough or appreciated for his little work. Basically, he thinks in a rather absurd manner — recognition is gained after a series of breathtaking works and accomplishments. He hasn’t actually made series of breathtaking works and accomplishments.

Luck isn’t shared equally, it’s more like finding a pebble among stones — which is basically a probability. A doesn’t know that. He instead…

Locally made Shea Butter

Photographing nature took me on a tour into the nook and crannies of Fufu, Ilorin South, Kwara. There, I discovered and learnt how to produce Shea butter locally. With no doubts, farming is their major occupation.

Fufu, Ilorin South, Kwara.

This story basically is from my experience, what I’ve faced and what I might be facing as a novice web developer.

The impostor syndrome basically, affects 70% of software developers at one stage in their career. From Wikipedia, the impostor syndrome is said to be:

A psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Perhaps, I’ve suffered this in the past. The impostor syndrome, sometimes or do I say most times, isn’t a purposeful doubt from the individual but from the environment itself. One of the side effect of the impostor syndrome is self degradation.

Self Degradation

This has to do with the mental state and also the mentality…

I actually didn’t know what to name this article, decided at the end of it.

I’m an avid lover of books, articles and anything related to writing. I could write a thousand essays a day whilst in secondary school — Lol, exaggeration you caught me !.

I’m a JavaScript developer and a technical writer that writes “based on his thoughts.” I write on what I learn and what I think of as I believe that writing is an expression of one’s mind..

Technical writing journey.

The first time I published a technical article was on Scotch.io and I wrote on how I built…

A brief introduction about me.


I’m Abdulazeez, a proud Nigerian. I’m a small techie and developer who plays with codes and write small junks of code to see what they can do. I’m also a white hat hacker. I’ll be sharing my journey as a web developer.

How i started — 2011.

Well, I started programming at the age of 9 learning the basics of web development ( HTML, CSS and JavaScript )

At a young age, what intrigued me ?

I had always wondered how the computer works especially the browser and I always wanted to build a website back then.

Out of curiosity and eager to learn.

I googled how websites were built and back then, PHP wasn’t that popular as hard core…

Photo Credit: Google.

Hi there, i’m going to talk about why you should make your web app opensource.

What is Open Source ?

open source refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge.

Now we know what open source means. You don’t want your codes to be seen because you think you won’t be accredited for your work ? Shit !. Lets not barge into that yet.

Which software are open sourced ?

The list cannot be created because we have a lot of open source apps like React, Angular, Ubuntu…

Abdulazeez Abdulazeez Adeshina

I'm Abdul..!. Software Enthusiast, Writer, Food Lover and Hacker.

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